LAARC Hosts National Amateur Radio Field Day At North Mesa Picnic Grounds June 22-23

first_imgNational Amateur Radio Field Day June 22-23The community is invited to attend LAARC’s National Amateur Radio Field Day event noon Saturday to noon Sunday, June 22-23 at the North Mesa Picnic Grounds. Courtesy/LAARCLAARC News:The Los Alamos Amateur Radio Club (LAARC) is hosting a National Amateur Radio Field Day event June 22-23 at the North Mesa Picnic Grounds off North Mesa Road in Los Alamos.More than 35,000 amateur radio operators (hams) across North America will be operating noon Saturday to noon Sunday in order to make radio contacts during this 24-hour event. The LAARC will be using temporary antennas and alternative power sources such as generators, batteries and solar panel to practice its emergency response capabilities.The public is invited to participate in this demonstration of Amateur Radio operations and readiness in providing communications when infrastructure, like commercial power, is not available. The public also can operate the radios and make contact with other ham radio operators across North America.For additional information, contact Bill Boedeker, NM5BB at 505.662.4220 or

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