The Royal Air Force can teach business how to do digital transformation right

first_img The Royal Air Force can teach business how to do digital transformation right Share Ad Unmute by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeBetterBe20 Stunning Female AthletesBetterBeUndoMisterStoryWoman Files For Divorce After Seeing This Photo – Can You See Why?MisterStoryUndoFinancial 10NHL Player’s Wife Is Hands Down The Most Beautiful Woman In The WorldFinancial 10UndoZen HeraldEllen Got A Little Too Personal With Blake Shelton, So He Said ThisZen HeraldUndoFinance Wealth PostTom Selleck’s Daughter Is Probably The Prettiest Woman To Ever ExistFinance Wealth PostUndoTotal PastJohn Wick Stuntman Reveals The Truth About Keanu ReevesTotal PastUndoMoneyPailShe Was A Star, Now She Works In ScottsdaleMoneyPailUndoNoteableyFaith Hill’s Daughter Is Probably The Prettiest Woman In The WorldNoteableyUndomoneycougar.comDiana’s Butler Reveals Why Harry Really Married Meghanmoneycougar.comUndo Tags: Trading Archive Adam Slawson At that point, you need to ask “How might we enable change?”, and come up with some potential solutions. Only then can you test them out and evaluate which ones work.Finally, you get to implementation. For my dad, that meant rolling out his new equipment. For a business attempting to stay relevant, it means continually testing, learning and adapting.Time of changeThe 1960s were the time of the Cold War. Countries were trying to out-innovate each other. Staying the same was not an option – they couldn’t afford to be afraid of change.Today, the same applies.Organisations are being “attacked” (or disrupted) by companies with “test and learn” innovation at their core. Get that kind of culture sorted and, within reason, the rest takes care of itself. whatsappcenter_img More From Our Partners Florida woman allegedly crashes children’s birthday party, rapes teennypost.comA ProPublica investigation has caused outrage in the U.S. this weekvaluewalk.comBrave 7-Year-old Boy Swims an Hour to Rescue His Dad and Little Sistergoodnewsnetwork.orgInside Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ not-so-average farmhouse estatenypost.comPolice Capture Elusive Tiger Poacher After 20 Years of Pursuing the Huntergoodnewsnetwork.orgBiden received funds from top Russia lobbyist before Nord Stream 2 giveawaynypost.comAstounding Fossil Discovery in California After Man Looks Closelygoodnewsnetwork.orgRussell Wilson, AOC among many voicing support for Naomi Osakacbsnews.comNative American Tribe Gets Back Sacred Island Taken 160 Years If businesses want to succeed, they need to resist the “big plan”. Transformation doesn’t come from an overly detailed strategy; it comes from adapting – experimenting with new ways of working that spread if they are successful.The frontline RAF must respond quickly to challenges and share good ideas. In business, the key is to test, learn, adapt, and transform.The world is changing – but then, it always is, and it always has.Without an innovative culture that motivates people to make change, encourages them to try new things, and that promotes “failure is okay”, businesses simply won’t survive.It worked for my dad in the RAF, and it can work for you in your business today. When my dad asked me, “What do you do?”, I said “digital transformation”. I described it like this: “I work with teams, and we ask ‘why’ a lot. We help companies to shape ideas and gain the confidence to change their direction.”His response surprised me: “I used to do that, or something very similar. So many times I asked ‘why?’ and heard ‘because that’s the way we’ve always done it’. Making real change comes down to the people, son. It did then, and it does now.”Ready for take-off whatsapp Today, digital transformation is about preparing companies to cope and grow in the digital era. But for my dad, squadron leader Peter Slawson, who was in the RAF from 1963 to 1983, it was about preparing his team to cope and grow in the era of telephones and faxes.For example, when a piece of equipment was found to be impractical, his squadron gathered insights, developed ideas, and rolled out solutions. The RAF called it “critical examination”. Using structured stages, my dad’s team spotted problems and developed tools (and cultures) to fix them.And although the terminology has changed in the decades since his time in the RAF, it’s remarkably similar to what we do today. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I realised that there were some key lessons anyone working to find digital solutions could take from the RAF.Asking the right questionsThe first is to think about which questions to ask. The initial phase of a project is asking: “Why exactly do we need to bring about change?” With the RAF, it was about making the equipment more efficient. For businesses, it is usually about staying relevant and competitive.The next stage is research – known as the “primary question phase” in the RAF, the “discovery phase” in the Government Digital Service, and “insight generation” at my company, Fluxx. The point of this is to gather insights that will help build solutions to the problem. Thursday 15 November 2018 3:22 pmlast_img read more

UK, France and Germany trigger dispute mechanism over Iran nuclear deal

first_img UK, France and Germany trigger dispute mechanism over Iran nuclear deal However the E3 statement made clear that the European powers were acting “in good faith with the overarching objective of preserving the JCPoA and in the sincere hope of finding a way forward to resolve the impasse through constructive diplomatic dialogue, while preserving the agreement and remaining within its framework”. Despite being warned that a dispute mechanism would be brought in, Iran “has chosen to further reduce compliance with the JCPoA”, the statement added. As a result, the matter has been referred to the joint commission under the dispute resolution mechanism. People commemorate Iranian Revolutionary Guards top commander Qasem Soleimani and Iraq’s Hashed al-Shaabi military network deputy chief Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis (Ritzau Scanpix/AFP via Getty Images) Speaking to MPs this afternoon, foreign secretary Dominic Raab said the E3 were “holding the door ajar for Iran – but they must walk through it”. He insisted that the UK and its allies wanted to keep the JCPoA alive, saying he did not believe there was a “JCPoA II” on the horizon. Iran has said it is responding to sanctions reinstated by the US when it withdrew from the accord in 2018. But the so-called E3 have said they do not accept Iran’s argument. “Our hope is to bring Iran back into full compliance with its commitments under the JCPoA.” However this morning Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested the JCPoA was all but done. In a joint statement, the trio said it had worked hard since May 2019, when Iran first started to step back from the deal, to bring it back into compliance with the JCPoA. Catherine Neilan Share whatsapp “France, Germany and the United Kingdom once again express our commitment to the JCPoA and our determination to work with all participants to preserve it. We remain convinced that this landmark multilateral international agreement and its non-proliferation benefits enhance our shared security interests and strengthen the rules-based international order.” “However, in the meantime Iran has continued to break key restrictions set out in the JCPoA. Iran’s actions are inconsistent with the provisions of the nuclear agreement and have increasingly severe and non-reversible proliferation implications. Main image: Getty by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeBetterBe20 Stunning Female AthletesBetterBeDaily FunnyFemale Athlete Fails You Can’t Look Away FromDaily FunnyMisterStoryWoman files for divorce after seeing this photoMisterStoryNoteableyJulia Robert’s Daughter Turns 16 And Looks Just Like Her MomNoteableyzenherald.comDolly Finally Took Off Her Wig, Fans Gaspedzenherald.comPast Factory4 Sisters Take The Same Picture For 40 Years. Don’t Cry When You See The Last One!Past Factorybonvoyaged.comThese Celebs Are Complete Jerks In Real Life.bonvoyaged.comRest Wow68 Hollywood Stars Who Look Unrecognizable NowRest WowDefinition24 Of The Most Hilarious Yard Signs Ever WrittenDefinition “If we are going to get rid of it, let’s replace it and let’s replace it with the Trump deal. That’s what we need to see. I think that would be a great way forward. President Trump is a great deal-maker – by his own account and many others. Let’s work together to replace the JCPOA and get the Trump deal instead.” Tuesday 14 January 2020 11:37 am Show Comments ▼ “The problem with the JCPOA – this is the crucial thing, it’s why there is this tension – the problem with the agreement is that from the American perspective it’s a flawed agreement, it expires, plus it was negotiated by President Obama. From their point of view it has many, many faults,” Johnson said. “We do not accept the argument that Iran is entitled to reduce compliance with the JCPoA. Contrary to its statements, Iran has never triggered the JCPoA Dispute Resolution Mechanism and has no legal grounds to cease implementing the provisions of the agreement.” whatsapp “In doing so, our three countries are not joining a campaign to implement maximum pressure against Iran,” the E3 statement added. The dispute resolution mechanism effectively buys all parties time to find a diplomatic route, in the hope that both Iran and the US can return to the table to thrash out a solution, including potentially creating a new deal under Donald Trump. Allies including France have sought to bring both sides together for many months, including at UNGA. It is hoped that by deploying the dispute resolution mechanism, it will prevent the need to go through the UN Security Council, potentially killing the JCPoA. City A.M. understands that officials are hopeful that China and Russia will now support Iran to return to the terms of the deal. The UK, France and Germany have triggered a dispute mechanism over the nuclear deal with Iran, amid fears that the country is slipping back towards developing weapons. Iran has suspended all limits on its production of enriched uranium, which can be used to make reactor fuel but also nuclear weapons. City A.M. understands that officials have become increasingly concerned that Iran is returning to the point where the country was dangerously close to having the capabilities to create a bomb. last_img read more

We’ve relaxed the rules for the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme to give our smallest firms a chance

first_imgThursday 30 July 2020 10:45 am In a time of extreme disruption and uncertainty, we got much-needed support out to businesses when they needed it most. This protected jobs and livelihoods, and meant that when we were able to start safely reopening the economy, businesses stood ready for the challenge ahead. We acted swiftly so that lenders could support businesses with confidence, enabling them to bounce back. Opinion The Treasury has provided over £50bn of support for more than one million businesses via a range of support schemes (Getty Images) Also Read: We’ve relaxed the rules for the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme to give our smallest firms a chance whatsapp Main image credit: Getty More From Our Partners Matt Gaetz swindled by ‘malicious actors’ in $155K boat sale boondogglenypost.comBrave 7-Year-old Boy Swims an Hour to Rescue His Dad and Little Sistergoodnewsnetwork.orgBiden received funds from top Russia lobbyist before Nord Stream 2 giveawaynypost.comPolice Capture Elusive Tiger Poacher After 20 Years of Pursuing the Huntergoodnewsnetwork.orgFlorida woman allegedly crashes children’s birthday party, rapes teennypost.comNative American Tribe Gets Back Sacred Island Taken 160 Years Agogoodnewsnetwork.orgA ProPublica investigation has caused outrage in the U.S. this weekvaluewalk.comAstounding Fossil Discovery in California After Man Looks Closelygoodnewsnetwork.orgRussell Wilson, AOC among many voicing support for Naomi The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) injected £12.6bn to more than 57,000 firms, while Bounce Back Loans put a further £33.6bn in the accounts of more than a million of our smallest businesses — from the Shortbread Company selling biscuits in the West Midlands, to YES Energy Solutions installing energy-saving measures in Yorkshire.  Through this unprecedented work, the Treasury has provided over £50bn of support for more than one million businesses via a range of support schemes — all designed to cater for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Our government-backed loan schemes have been a demonstration of what can happen when banks, the government and businesses work together.  And I’m pleased to confirm that, from today, businesses in this category, which have fewer than 50 employees and a turnover of less than £9m, can now apply for government-backed finance through CBILS, giving them a lifeline during the crisis. The Future Fund provided £512m to more than 500 high-growth startups, which will be key to our successful recovery and the next chapter in our economic journey. And the Covid Corporate Financing Facility provided £18.7bn to our biggest employers in the country, including the likes of John Lewis, and Rolls Royce. Now that businesses have obtained an incredible £50bn of support, attention is naturally turning to the question of repayments. We have been clear that these loans are loans and not grants — albeit generous loans with fixed interest rates and no repayments due for the first year. Borrowers must make every reasonable effort to repay these on time — and if timely repayment is not possible for whatever reason, as set out in the scheme guidance, lenders are expected to work with the borrower to help them find a way to repay if they can. The Treasury has provided over £50bn of support for more than one million businesses via a range of support schemes (Getty Images) Also Read: We’ve relaxed the rules for the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme to give our smallest firms a chance We felt it was unfair that these firms were denied crucial support necessary to keep trading just because they were at the early stage of their life. So we called upon the European Commission, alongside industry bodies, to relax the rules to give our smallest businesses a chance.  I am today calling on all lenders asking them to make sure they take this rule change into account when offering finance, and have written to them alongside the minister for small business to that effect. There are over 5.6m businesses with fewer than 10 employees, and a fifth of those are one-man bands. We’ve already helped hundreds of thousands of businesses like these, and this change means we’ll be able to help many more. City A.M.’s opinion pages are a place for thought-provoking views and debate. These views are not necessarily shared by City A.M. by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeNoteableyJulia Robert’s Daughter Turns 16 And Looks Just Like Her MomNoteableyDaily FunnyFemale Athlete Fails You Can’t Look Away FromDaily Funnybonvoyaged.comThese Celebs Are Complete Jerks In Real Life.bonvoyaged.comBeach RaiderMom Belly Keeps Growing, Doctor Sees Scan And Calls CopsBeach RaiderJustPerfact USAMan Decides to File for Divorce After Taking a Closer Look at This Photo!   JustPerfact USAPost Fun25 Worst Movies Ever, According To Rotten TomatoesPost FunMisterStoryWoman files for divorce after seeing this photoMisterStoryBleacherBreaker4 Sisters Take The Same Picture For 40 Years. Don’t Cry When You See The Last One!BleacherBreakerFinanceChatterViewers Had To Look Away When This Happened On Live TVFinanceChatter At the beginning, there were some gaps. Due to restrictive EU rules, some businesses, classed as “undertakings in difficulty”, which needed these vital funds to survive were not able to access finance through our schemes. “Undertakings in difficulty” are businesses with high levels of debt and accumulated losses, which are common features for startups.  Show Comments ▼ Share The Treasury has provided over £50bn of support for more than one million businesses via a range of support schemes (Getty Images) Tags: Save our SMEs whatsapp Small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy, and with the changes to the support schemes announced today, I am confident that they can help us build back better after this pandemic. We’ve relaxed the rules for the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme to give our smallest firms a chance To ensure these schemes are a success and help Britain’s economy to bounce back from the crisis, we will continue to work closely with both lenders and businesses to ensure that we support firms while protecting the taxpayer. Save our SMEs John GlenJohn Glen is economic secretary to the Treasury and city minister last_img read more

Supporters raise $7k for recently released Fairbanks Four

first_imgCrime & Courts | Interior | State GovernmentSupporters raise $7k for recently released Fairbanks FourDecember 22, 2015 by Joaqlin Estus, KNBA Share:Hundreds gathered Sunday to raise money to support the Fairbanks Four. (Photo by Joaqlin Estus/KNBA)Hundreds gathered Sunday to listen to music, dance, eat and donate money for the Fairbanks Four.The fundraiser at the Cook Inlet Tribal Council raised more than $7,000 for George Frese, Kevin Pease, Marvin Roberts and Eugene Vent, whose convictions in the 1997 murder of John Hartman were tossed out Friday.Isaac Bartley was one of about 20 volunteers who prepared and served about 300 Indian tacos – those are tacos made with fry bread – which sold for $10 each.“People were lining up like crazy, out the door,” Bartley said.Agatha Ericson says the donated items sold in a silent auction brought in more than $2,000.“We had jars of fish and jam that went for $300,” she said. “We had blackberries. We also had some beautiful birch bark baskets, and some seal skin slippers. We also had some wood carvings, a beautiful cribbage board too that went for quite a bit of money as well, carved cribbage board.”Several groups, including the Unity Drummers, the Tlingit and Haida Dancers of Anchorage, and Marc Brown and the Troublemakers with guest Gary Farmer performed that evening.Demaris Hudson heads up the Ida’ina K’eljeshna Dancers. She says pulling together to support each other is important, and she wants to set an example for young people on how to face and overcome issues.“When it comes to our Native people, not only here in Alaska but across the (all of) Indian Country, issues arise, and we are stronger as a people with more than one voice, when we stand united and support each other,” Hudson said.Two of the Fairbanks Four spoke to the crowd by telephone from Fairbanks.Rodney McCord (left) and Samuel Johns organized the fundraiser for the Fairbanks Four. (Photo by Joaqlin Estus/KNBA)“Just know I love you all. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve ever done,” Freese said.Vent also expressed gratitude.“I just want you guys to know from the bottom of my heart. It means the world to me because when we were down, we watched you guys, talked to you. You gave us strength,” he said.Organizer Rodney McCord said he and Samuel Johns took just a little over a week to set up the event ahead of Christmas, and he’s pleased with the turnout.“Tons and tons of people gathering for a good cause, for the Fairbanks Four to raise them some money so they could have a merry Christmas,” McCord said. “It was such a blessing. I can’t even explain how happy this made me feel.”The money from the fundraiser will be deposited in a bank account for the Fairbanks Four. Another fundraiser for the men is being hosted online.Share this story:last_img read more

Army Corps of Engineers: Pebble Mine EIS delayed, but not by federal shutdown

first_imgEnergy & Mining | Environment | Federal Government | Military | SouthwestArmy Corps of Engineers: Pebble Mine EIS delayed, but not by federal shutdownJanuary 10, 2019 by Avery Lill, KDLG-Dillingham Share:The proposed site of the Pebble Mine. (Photo by Jason Sear/KDLG)Despite the federal shutdown, work is continuing on the Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Pebble Mine.The Army Corps of Engineers is the lead agency in charge of preparing the document.Corps spokesperson John Budnik said, “The development of the EIS is not affected by the federal shutdown at this time.”However, Budnik also confirmed that the Corps now expects to release the draft EIS about a month later than earlier announced. Previously estimated for release in January 2019, the draft EIS is now expected in mid-February with publication in the Federal Register around March 1. There will be a 90-day comment period after the draft EIS is released.During that period of public review of the document, the Corps says that it plans to hold public meetings.The EIS will analyze potential detrimental and beneficial effects of the Pebble Project and develop alternatives to the proposed mine plan. The finalized EIS will serve as a tool for federal agencies as they decide whether or not to permit the copper, gold and molybdenum mine in Bristol Bay.The Corps is under the Department of Defense, which is funded through Sept. 30 when the federal government’s fiscal year ends.Share this story:last_img read more

News / Rail freight hub in Lodz set to expand as demand for BRI services rises

first_img By Alexander Whiteman in Lodz 14/06/2019 © Ruletkka Logistics operators in Lodz are hoping to further capitalise on the Polish city’s ties to China’s Belt and Road initiative (BRI).  Centrally located Lodz was the inaugural European destination for the BRI, and the project’s instigator, Hatrans Logistics, is now looking to increase services.  “We will be developing a massive hub in Lodz that will allow us to increase the number of trains we can handle,” proxy for the management board Filip Grzelak told The Loadstar.  “It will be able to handle four trains simultaneously, with construction due to start later this year, before going live in the second half of 2020.”  Hatrans was at the centre of Poland’s bid to attract the BRI, after reaching out to the Chinese government in 2012. A year later the first BRI trains arrived.  Since then, the company has handled between two and three services a week, each carrying some 41 containers, but it hopes the new hub will allow for four daily services at least.  “Perhaps the biggest problem we face is the lack of infrastructure and rail terminals, not only here in Poland but also across Europe,” continued Mr Grzelak.  “This is partly driven by a lack of political will across the continent, even though business leaders can see the benefit it would bring.” From the existing services, Hatrans ships goods on to 12 destinations across Europe, from Belarus to Spain, Portugal and Belgium.  It had sought to push for greater promotion of Polish and European products to send back to China, but with little support. Mr Grzelak said the idea had been jettisoned “for now”.  “The trains we handle arrive full, but they go back to China empty, which is a little disheartening,” he said. “I suppose one other thing I would like to see is a multilateral customs agreement between China, the EU, and Russia to speed up the process.”last_img read more

News / The port of Nansha, the leading port for Cold Chain in South China

first_imgBy Johannes Nanninga, chief executive, Guangzhou Port 19/10/2020 Chilean Cherries: from port to market in only 2.5 hoursOn December 25, Christmas Day in the West, the Nansha Harbor Area of the port of Nansha saw the arrival of the container ship Lloyd Don Giovanni, the very first cherry express service from Evergreen. The unloading, customs clearance, release and transportation to Jiangnan Fruit Wholesale Market were completed within only 2.5 hours, bringing the freshest Chilean cherries to eager Chinese consumers. This set the record for the fastest and most cost-effective cherry express service in South China.The shipment comprised 23 containers of cherries in total, of which six containers (26%) were inspected. The containers that did not require inspection were shipped to Jiangnan Fruit Wholesale Market, five vehicles of cherries were transferred from the Haixin Cold Storage Inspection Center to Shanghai, and one vehicle of cherries was transferred to Jiaxing market in Zhejiang province. After this first shipment many more containers followed during the short and time-sensitive cherry season.Port of Nansha is the nearest deepsea port to Jiangnan Fruit Wholesale market, one of the biggest markets in China. Through the ‘Nansha-corridor’ products arriving in Port of Nansha can have a shorter lead time to the market at substantial lower costs with savings up to USD$800 per container compared to Hong Kong or Shenzhen Ports. Nansha Harbor Area is the nearest wharf to Jiangnan Fruit Wholesale Market. Through the “Nansha Express”, produce arriving at Nansha Harbor Area can reach the Jiangnan Fruit Wholesale Market on the same day as their arrival via Hong Kong.The Chilean cherry express line’s completion, from ship unloading to arrival at the market, in only 2.5 hours reflects the ultrafast and incomparable “Nansha Speed”, which is the result of the collaborative efforts of Nansha customs, port and wharf operators, Evergreen Marine, import traders, customs declaration agents, Longxue Fleet, the Haixin Cold Storage Inspection Center and others.Increased cold storage capacity by early 2021With continuous double-digit growth of reefer containers year-on-year at Port of Nansha, the port is extending its Cold Chain logistics service to a strategic Hub function for South China. Six eight-story cold storage facilities are currently under construction at the Nansha International Logistics Center in a partnership between the Port of Guangzhou and Dalian Port Yidu Cold Chain. Their completion will increase the storage capacity by 460,000 tons and make this the largest cold and fresh produce port in South China. Phase 1 of the project is expected to be completed and in operation in Q1 2021. The Cold Chain facility will offer bonded and non-bonded warehouse space.last_img read more

Immunotherapy drugs show some promise against breast cancer

first_imgLeave this field empty if you’re human: Women in the study who received Tecentriq plus chemo went two months longer on average without their cancer worsening compared with those on chemo alone — a modest benefit. The combo did not significantly improve survival in an early look before long-term follow-up is complete.advertisement The new study tested one from Roche called Tecentriq plus chemo versus chemo alone in 902 women with advanced triple-negative breast cancer. About 15 percent of cases are this type — their growth is not fueled by the hormones estrogen or progesterone, or the gene that Herceptin targets, making them hard to treat. Please enter a valid email address. About the Author Reprints Tags cancerdrug development A culture of human breast cancer cells. NIH Associated Press Privacy Policy For the first time, one of the new immunotherapy drugs has shown promise against breast cancer in a large study that combined it with chemotherapy to treat an aggressive form of the disease. But the benefit for most women was small, raising questions about whether the treatment is worth its high cost and side effects.Results were discussed Saturday at a cancer conference in Munich and published by the New England Journal of Medicine.Drugs called checkpoint inhibitors have transformed treatment of many types of cancer by removing a chemical brake that keeps the immune system from killing tumor cells. Their discovery recently earned scientists a Nobel Prize. Until now, though, they haven’t proved valuable against breast cancer.advertisement Previous studies found that immunotherapies work best in patients with high levels of a protein that the drugs target, and the plan for the breast cancer study called for analyzing how women fared according to that factor if Tecentriq improved survival overall.The drug failed that test, but researchers still looked at protein-level results and saw encouraging signs. Women with high levels who received the combo treatment lived roughly 25 months on average versus about 15 months for women given chemo alone.That’s a big difference, but it will take more time to see if there’s a reliable way to predict benefit, said Dr. Jennifer Litton of the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. She had no role in running the study but enrolled some patients in it, and oversees 14 others testing immunotherapies.“We’re really hopeful that we can identify a group of women who can get a much bigger and longer response,” she said.Another breast cancer specialist with no role in the study, Dr. Michael Hassett at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, said he felt “cautious excitement” that immunotherapy may prove helpful for certain breast cancer patients.Side effects need a close look, both doctors said. Nearly all study participants had typical chemo side effects such as nausea or low blood cell counts, but serious ones were more common with the combo treatment and twice as many women on it stopped treatment for that reason.Three of the six deaths from side effects in the combo group were blamed on the treatment itself; only one of three such deaths in the chemo group was.Cost is another concern. Tecentriq is $12,500 a month. The chemo in this study was Celgene’s Abraxane, which costs about $3,000 per dose plus doctor fees for the IV treatments. Older chemo drugs cost less but require patients to use a steroid to prevent allergic reactions that might interfere with the immunotherapy. Abraxane was chosen because it avoids the need for a steroid, said one study leader, Dr. Sylvia Adams of NYU Langone Health.The study was sponsored by Roche and many study leaders consult or work for the company or own stock in it.— Marilynn Marchione By Associated Press Oct. 21, 2018 Reprints Newsletters Sign up for Morning Rounds Your daily dose of news in health and medicine. HealthImmunotherapy drugs show some promise against breast cancer last_img read more

Women in Sport: The captain going for school’s All-Ireland glory – Erone Fitzpatrick

first_img GAA Previous articleTwin Trees festival launched on 150th anniversary of Heywood Gardens creatorNext articleThe All-Ireland winning Knockbeg team of 2005: Where are they now? Siun Lennonún Lennon joined LaoisToday in a full-time capacity after studying Journalism and New Media in the University of Limerick. She hails from Rosenallis and her interests vary from news, sports and politics. Kelly and Farrell lead the way as St Joseph’s claim 2020 U-15 glory Facebook By Siun Lennon – 29th March 2019 Facebook RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Erone Fitzpatrick of Scoil Chríost Rí ahead her Senior A Final match against against Loreto Clonmel at the Lidl All Ireland Post Primary Schools Finals launch at Croke Park, Dublin. Photo by David Fitzgerald/Sportsfile Here are all of Wednesday’s Laois GAA results Twitter WhatsApp WhatsAppcenter_img Women in Sport: The captain going for school’s All-Ireland glory – Erone Fitzpatrick Twitter Home GAA Ladies Football Women in Sport: The captain going for school’s All-Ireland glory – Erone… GAALadies FootballSport GAA Pinterest 2020 U-15 ‘B’ glory for Ballyroan-Abbey following six point win over Killeshin Pinterest TAGSErone FitzpatrickWomen in Sport GAA Brought to you by Martleys Bus and Coach HireAll-Ireland football finals have been few and far between for Laois teams over the years, but one team has defied those odds as they reach for a top tier national title.Scoil Chríost Rí are vying for All-Ireland Post Primary Schools senior ‘A’ glory – and Erone Fitzpatrick is leading the charges as captain.Before the final, we spoke to Erone about the All-Star influences, her hopes for Laois female intercounty footballers to play in county grounds and what motivates her.Who had the biggest influence in sporting career?Besides my family, Pat Critchley is the biggest influence on my sporting career. I was so lucky to have him as my PE teacher in Scoil Chriost Rí.He retired last year but thankfully he is still involved in coaching basketball and football in school.Pat brings the same positive enthusiasm when coaching juveniles as he does coaching seniors. His charismatic persona makes it very easy to take instruction from him.Pat is someone who has achieved so much in his sporting career, yet he remains humble and willing to listen to our own opinions as well.We are very lucky to have some other great football coaches with Pat in Scoil Chriost Rí in Mr Scully, Mr Donnellan, Mr Mahon and Mr Nerney.Who did you look up to growing up and why?Geraldine O’Flynn and Pearse O’Neill from Cork were my heroes. Both always fought to the end – no matter what way the game was going. Losing was never an option for them.Geraldine first played for Cork as a 16 year old. She was a very competitive and determined player who played as a wing-back, she kicked the winning point in two All-Irelands in 2006 against Armagh and in 2014 against Dublin with two minutes left.I was honoured to have had her as a coach in my first year at Scoil Chriost Rí. Everyone had massive respect for her and her half-time time speeches always made us believe we were good enough to win.Pearse O’Neill’s first call-up for Cork was at senior level. He was a strong, pacy midfielder or forward. He was super under a high ball and his deliveries in were excellent. He was as tough as teak and loved ‘ruffing it up’ with the Kerry lads which was always quite entertaining to watch.Erone Fitzpatrick of Scoil Chríost Rí, left, and Anna Carey of Loreto Clonmel ahead of their Senior A Final at the Lidl All Ireland Post Primary Schools Finals launch at Croke Park, Dublin. Photo by David Fitzgerald/SportsfileDoes an interest in sport run in your family? Yes, big time. My mam and her sister Leanne played basketball for school and club. Mam captained the Scoil Chriost Rí senior ‘B’ basketball team to All-Ireland success in 1988/89. She helps Pat with coaching basketball now.Leanne played in the World Basketball championships in Israel and mam was assistant coach to Pat there. Both were very successful throwers in athletics and represented Ireland on numerous occasions.Mam was also a very skillful and competitive footballer. My dad is always at the games showing encouragement. My older sisters Chloé and Áine were also very good basketball and football players. Chloé was also a top-class golfer. My younger brother Paddy is an up-and-coming player in many sports. My Cork nana instilled the love of camogie, football and hurling in me.My siblings and I all played rounders with The Heath and won numerous titles with Mr Dowling, who is now retired. Mr Meagher continues the tradition there today.Emma Lawlor, Zoe Keegan and Erone Fitzpatrick after this year’s schools senior ‘A’ Leinster finalAny advice for young girls thinking of getting involved in ladies football?Firstly, enjoy the sport. Listen and be prepared to take advice and constructive criticism. It’s what you know after, ‘you know it all’ that counts.Practice as much as you can. As the saying goes, ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. Always challenge yourself to become a better player.What’s the earliest memory you have participating in football?Cumann na mBunscol was my earliest memory of football. Training in The Heath NS with Mr Dowling and heading off to play in different schools. The excitement of playing in O’Moore Park for the first time with the whole school cheering us on. Those were great days, all of the team and our families heading to Treacey’s afterwards for food was an added bonus.Did you have to make any big decision in your sporting career?Unfortunately I did. A few years ago I was selected on the Irish Basketball squad. As it was, there weren’t enough hours in the day to facilitate my sporting commitments and I had to decline the opportunity.Erone Fitzpatrick of Laois is pictured receiving her Team of the League award in 2017 from then-LGFA President, Marie Hickey,right, and Lidl representative, Laura Byrne. Photo by Sam Barnes/SportsfileWhat young player in your club/area/sport would you say is one to watch out for?There are many talented young players out there. I could name a few but Orla Hennessy, a forward, and Rebecca Reddin, a back, are two very talented ladies that we are going to hear a lot more of.What motivates you to compete at such a high level?I’m told I was very competitive from a very early age. I always wanted to compete with and against older athletes. I was reared in GAA fields, basketball courts and athletic tracks. I went to all of my older sisters’ trainings and matches.We were in Athlone one day for a basketball match and only 14 players traveled and the rules state you have to have 15 on the court before the game can commence. I was about six or seven at the time and was the only ‘spare’ available. They gave me a top down to my ankles. In I went delighted with myself and scored a nice few baskets. There was no stopping me after that.The same happened in The Heath at football one night. In I went, delighted to be playing alongside my two sisters and hit the net a few times.I also played in the camogie Feile with Portlaoise when I was quite young. I was in my element. I’m still the same today. I love playing against good teams and marking their best players. I am always trying to be the best version of myself.I suppose the success I’ve had at juvenile level winning National medals in athletics, football, basketball, rounders, soccer and spikeball motivates you to achieve more. I’ve been very lucky to be part of good teams and have had some excellent coaches.If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?Dedicated, competitive and funny.What would a typical day be like for you?I’ve school, after-school training or Laois training that evening, dinner, study and bed. As it is my Leaving Cert year I have cut-back a bit on my other sports.What’s the best and worst thing about being involved?The best thing is being part of a team and the friendships you make – leaving the field knowing that we have given it our all together. The worst thing is the hard slog on cold winter nights!What do you see for the future of ladies football?The future looks good. At the recent launch of the Lidl national football league, the sponsors revealed they are supporting the broadcast of a weekly National League fixture as well as this year’s All-Ireland Post Primary schools senior ‘A’ final. Some league games and the school’s final will also be available ‘live’ on Facebook.More than 50,000 attended the All-Ireland Ladies football finals in Croke Park last year. More young people are getting into the game. Another positive is the ladies’ matches playing before the men’s in some double headers.If you could see one thing changed about ladies football, what would it be?With all the positives in ladies football at the moment, I think the time is right for the association to come under the umbrella of the GAA and to assist of the opportunity to play games in our county grounds.SEE ALSO – Women in Sport: All-Ireland winner, four-time All-Star and Laois football great Tracey Lawlorlast_img read more

Bond markets challenged by electronic competition: report

first_imgJames Langton Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Keywords BondCompanies Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association Catastrophe bond market gains momentum According to the survey, the 19 trading platforms reviewed offer a total of 42 different trading protocols, as innovations in this area are being made to improve price discovery. Additionally, electronic trading platforms are “increasingly targeting larger sized trades and providing various methods to protect anonymity and to better protect investors,” SIFMA says in a statement. Innovation is primarily happening in the corporate bond market, SIFMA adds, while change in the municipal bond market is likely to happen more gradually. According to the report, both regulatory and market factors are driving the rise of trading competition. On the regulatory front, post-crisis reforms, including higher capital charges and measures such as the Volcker Rule are impacting trading activity and liquidity, the report says. Additionally, the report notes that there is increased regulatory attention on best execution requirements and the need for greater pre-trade transparency. The overall size of the bond market has increased substantially, the report says but dealer inventory has not kept up. “Due to both regulatory changes and market conditions, dealers have rationalized the breadth of their business, and some have refocused on core products and clients, resulting in reduced market making activity in certain markets,” the report says. “Increased discussion and concern about market liquidity has accentuated the desire for connectivity and increased the focus on liquidity planning.” The report aims to demystify some of the changes that have taken place in bond market structure over the past couple of years, noting that “there is limited information” on the trading platforms’ functionality, and the evolving price discovery and execution protocols. “Fixed income electronic trading platforms are investing in new technologies and finding innovative and creative ways in which to both aid price discovery and to enhance access to market liquidity,” says Randy Snook, executive vice president, business policies and practices at SIFMA, in a statement. “This report is intended to provide useful information to market participants about the existing and a number of emerging electronic trading platforms and trade execution protocols, as increased competition among the players shapes this space. The information from this survey will help to inform a constructive dialogue around fixed income market structure with both market participants and policy makers,” he adds. Bond markets, like equity markets, are experiencing increased competition for trading volume, suggest the results of a survey published on Wednesday by the U.S. Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA). The SIFMA survey found that bond market structure is evolving amid a rise in electronic trading, with several new entrants offering, or planning to offer, electronic trading services. Indeed, seven of the 19 platforms the survey reviewed have entered the market in the last two years, and that four more platforms plan to launch in 2016. center_img With bond yields low and rising, what is the price of safety? Related news Share this article and your comments with peers on social media When bond ratings slip, investors shruglast_img read more