Delhi casts its shortsweet dramatic effect

first_imgIt’s that time of the year when all theatre enthusiasts (actors, directors, viewers, other artists) come together on a common platform to display, hone and enjoy the stories put up on stage. Popularly called the Short and Sweet theatre festival, it surely manages to bring out live emotions- sad, happy, surprise etc amongst the audience present.’The Short and Sweet Theatre Festival is back again in the city to woo viewers with its short 10-minute plays. In this age of fast food, 10-minute play is perfect to hold the attention of the audience. It is crisp and goes straight to the point without beating around the bush for long,’ says Alex Broun, director of the festival. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The history of the festival dates back to- Australia in 2002. It is a series of 10-minute plays put together for people with less time and attention span. The festival came to India in 2010 with the help of Australian Government through the Australia India Council and the Australia International Cultural Council.The 10 day festival which is scheduled from 21 November to 30 November is being held across three venues- India Habitat Centre, Epicentre, Gurgaon and India Cultural Centre and  kick started with some fabulous short plays like Table For Two, Kaalikh, Speed Dating For Amateurs, The Actress’ Dilemma, Last Drinks. Currently in its third season there are around 40 plays selected to be put up on stage.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix’The response to the festival this time has been immense though it has just began. Even the quality of plays have improved and were well performed on the starting day. The main aim has been to introduce young budding talent in the theatre circuit and get them noticed,’ says Prashant Sehgal, festival director.One of the best received plays at the fest was Table For Two. The play centers on a funny situation around a table where two people are sitting.’My play was set in an urban setting with an underlying solitude in each one of us and how a man and a woman going through unfortunate incidents in life find its vent after meeting each other at a coffee shop,’ said Maheep Singh, director.’I was overwhelmed with the response for my play which came as a pleasant surprise. I hope we get maximum votes when the result comes out on Monday,’ he added. Another one making its way through hearts and head of people was Kaalikh. ‘The play inclined towards a social message talked about the much disputed topic religion. Though all religions preach peace and prosperity but the real religion is only humanity, which needs to be accepted universally. The story line was based on a school master and his trails during babri masjid demolition. I had to face a bit of challenge with respect to some actors and the element of lighting during the performance,’ said Abhinav Sabyasachi, dirtector. Some of the plays to watch out for are Sweater, We Need To Talk and Don’t You Rhyme When You Commit A Crime. Don’t miss it!last_img

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