Steam isnt helping gaming grow on Linux usage drops to less than

first_imgThe rise of Linux on the desktop is always just around the corner, right? Most recently it was Valve’s new focus on Steam-powered Linux gaming that was supposed to boost the open source OS to new heights. However, the most recent Steam Hardware & Software Survey shows a big drop for Linux. It’s now less than 1% of Steam systems.Linux didn’t have all that much to lose before, at least. The usage share prior to the April report (that’s the most recent, obviously) was 1.05% and now it’s at 0.94%. The top OS is Windows by a huge margin with total usage share of 95.81%. Even OS X is more than tripling Linux usage with 3.16%.Valve is working on a gaming-focused distro of Linux called SteamOS. You’ve probably heard about it, but it’s still technically in beta and commercial hardware (Steam Machines) that runs this software is still pricey and not terribly common. Perhaps once this project is further along Linux will rise again, but it will still only be a sliver of the market.So, what’s the problem with gaming on Linux? The fact is that many people with gaming PCs still need Windows for key apps and services. Linux also continues to have some issues with user-friendliness and hardware compatibility. The (very) slow expansion of Linux support in games might be driving some users back to Windows as well. It’s also not like you can simply drop into your local electronics retailer and buy a Linux PC.This drop also comes at a time when consumers are about as fed up with Windows as they’ve been in more than a decade. Windows 8 has been something of a catastrophe for Microsoft, and if that didn’t give Linux an opening to make gains, I don’t know what will.last_img

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