Board of Health agrees on septic fee proposal

first_imgClark County — Clark County commissioners will present the public with a proposal to eliminate the county’s septic tipping and inspection fees and instead impose an annual flat fee of $16.50.The commissioners, serving in their capacity as the Clark County Board of Health, will hold a public hearing on the proposal at the next board of health meeting at 9 a.m. Oct. 26 at the Clark County Public Service Center.Last month, the board approved changes to numerous other environmental public health fees. The commissioners had differing opinions on how and whether to change the septic fees. The board held a work session Wednesday to further discuss the proposal.After the hour-long meeting, the commissioners agreed to move the proposal forward for a public hearing and a vote.The proposal, if approved, would eliminate the county inspection fee of $20 and tipping fee of 6 cents per gallon pumped and impose a $16.50 flat fee onto property taxes of the 34,000 Clark County residents with septic systems.The proposal, like the current fee structure, would not cover the cost of the actual inspection or tipping. Septic system owners would still be responsible for paying those costs to the company hired to perform the work.last_img

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