Only in Japan 47 edible iPhone case doubles as a quick snack

first_imgJapan might be known for crazy gadgets, but the Survival Senbei iPhone 5 Case is crazier than most. Quite simply, this is a case for your iPhone 5 that doubles as a snack and definitely won’t protect your smartphone for very long (if at all).The Survival Senbei case is constructed from Japanese rice crackers, known as senbei, which are a popular snack item for older people across the country. All we know about the case at this point is it has been thought up by a middle-aged Japanese woman called Mariko, who’s pretty good at molding the crackers into an iPhone-like shape. The problem is, the case is super expensive and doesn’t work very well outside of being a tasty snack.For roughly $47 you get a case that has a 76% chance of breaking when placing an iPhone inside it, a 50% chance of breaking if you try increasing the volume on your phone, and best of all, an 89% chance of breaking if placed in a pocket!So basically, this is a snack you can store around an iPhone you don’t mind carrying — carefully — in your hand. And even if you still want one after reading this, be prepared to join a waiting list. Mariko can produce about three of these handcrafted cases per day. There is an order page, but delivery time is listed as taking at least a month.I’m pretty sure you could go out and buy a six-pack of rice bars and some tape for roughly half the cost of the Survival case, wrap them around your iPhone, and end up with a “case” that actually manages to offer some protection for your phone. Alternatively, buy one of the many cheap, non-edible iPhone 5 cases out there and keep the $20+ you save for buying a range of other snacks.More at, via RocketNews24last_img

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