Security Council urges cooperation in process to demarcate EthiopiaEritrea border

Reading a statement to the press, the current Council President, Ambassador Jean-Marc de La Sablière of France, said the members urged the two sides to engage in discussions with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Legwaila Joseph Legwaila, to address any issues that might arise during the demarcation process in order to reach agreement on their resolution.Council members also expressed concern about the likely shortfall in the Trust Fund for the Delimitation and Demarcation of the Border once demarcation begins, and called on the international community to contribute urgently to the Fund in order to facilitate the conclusion of the demarcation process in accordance with the Boundary Commission’s schedule, Ambassador de La Sablière said.The statement said members welcomed the release by Ethiopia of all remaining Eritrean prisoners of war last November under the auspices of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), as Eritrea did for the Ethiopian prisoners. “They called on both parties to resolve all other outstanding issues, including the establishment of a direct high-altitude air corridor between the two capitals,” the Council President added.According to Ambassador de La Sablière, Council members also expressed further concern about the looming drought in Ethiopia and Eritrea and the implications this could have for the peace process. They supported the appeal by the Secretary-General to Member States to provide prompt and generous support for humanitarian operations in the two countries through the consolidated appeals process and other mechanisms.Earlier Tuesday, in a briefing to the Council, UN Assistant Secretary-General Hédi Annabi introduced the recent progress report of the Secretary-General on the situation in Ethiopia and Eritrea and updated the members on developments since its release last month.

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