Granger has disappointed many Guyanese

first_imgDear Editor,I read in the print media that President Granger was warning about the destructive nature of some ‘restless, provocative’ calls from society. The man has not grasped that the PNC-led coalition got into power only because the allegations of PPP corruption and human rights abuses had become more than Guyanese could take. Knowing the inherently racist nature of the PNC – it being an African-based political party whose constituents were taught fear of Indo-Guyanese by the PNC’s leaders over the years – the Coalition had to be ‘constructed’ to generate mass appeal, to attract Indians also. The hope that the PNC had learnt from history and would change and treat Indo-Guyanese more equitably has been lost with the treatment meted out to sugar workers, among other issues. The fact is: the PNC has lived up to its racist, socially destructive political thinking of promoting African Guyanese while actively retarding Indo-Guyanese economically.This charge also applies to the PPP, and underlies why Guyanese need to form new political parties to push Guyana forward. Guyanese have three years to get prepared to ‘free’ themselves again, or lose another eight years of their future to our racist politics.Granger has disappointed many Guyanese. As has already been observed in the press, Granger has shown himself to be wholly lacking in vision, political perspective, and leadership skills necessary to move his party away from its self-destructive politics, which is itself necessary for forcing political and social change at the national level. The question is: who next should be put as our president? Where are our political leaders?Yours faithfully,Lance Cumberbatchlast_img

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