The identity has broken down, the fans are bullying the referees…

first_imgTraditionally very devoted, sometimes even fanatical fans of Novak Djokovic, as well as discarded bettors who bet on the next grand slam title of the Serbian favorite, have no mercy after a shocking disqualification.“I am extremely sorry to have caused her such stress. So unwanted. So bad. I will not publish her name to respect her privacy,” said the world number one after disqualification and a quick escape from New York.However, the identity of the referee was revealed by some media. Supporters of the Serbian champion then took her profiles on social networks by attack.They want her to “rot in hell”, they indiscriminately suggest that she pretended the pain after being hit by the ball, accused her of alcoholism and cursed vulgarly.Djokovic himself therefore hurried with another statement. He thanked him for the support he received from the fans, but at the same time called on them to be more considerate towards the referee.“Thank you for the positive messages. But please remember that the line judge also needs the support of our community. She did nothing wrong. I ask you to support her in difficult times. We are growing and becoming stronger thanks to these moments,” said the 33-year-old tennis player. .In New York, Djokovic was to attack his eighteenth grand slam title, which would win him one triumph in the historical tables for the Spaniard Rafael Nadal and two for the Swiss Roger Federer.Experts did not doubt that he would succeed; in the absence of Nadal and Federer, no one else was to endanger the Serbian favorite. Djokovic excels on the courts this year and won all 26 duels in Sunday’s unfortunate incident.The American tennis organization, meanwhile, took the line judge off, letting her rest at the hotel under medical supervision. “She will return to work when she and the doctor decide that the time is right,” said a tournament spokesman.last_img

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