Beer League Hockey

first_img Link to post Members 0 Posted August 21, 2013 league Share on other sites 393 Share on other sites All Activity SportsLogos.Net Members Location:CHI-TOWN Forums Home 916 71 Share this post Sports Logo News Link to post Share on other sites Beer League Hockey 71 OchentaYOcho88 OchentaYOcho88 Posted August 8, 2013 71 BelfourThibault beer By OchentaYOcho88, August 8, 2013 in Sports Logo News poser Recommended Posts Members Sports Logos 926 posts 393 0 553 posts Forums Home Favourite Logos:Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Cardinals, Sparky the Sun Devil LAWeaver Sign in to follow this   Link to post Posted August 8, 2013 Share on other sites 916 LAWeaver All Activity Posted August 8, 2013 916 The lurker formerly known as Mr.nascar13center_img poser 111 5,904 posts May wanna talk to JCR. According to his signature, it says he’s a beer-league goalie. Maybe he has some jerseys for ya to look at. Share this post Location:East Central Ohio 111 BelfourThibault Link to post Sports Logo News OchentaYOcho88 Followers 0 I know that this probably isn’t what you’re talking about, but here are my teams’ jerseys for this season (with matching socks)That’s exactly what I wanted! I really like the Fiveholers’ jersey, very fun! OchentaYOcho88 Members 71 Games:My team has home/away jerseys Pickup:A old blank jersey or old team jersey Location:CHI-TOWN 0 I played hockey for the first time last year and am heading into my second season of “beer league” hockey this fall (it’s actually only pickup, we don’t have an actual league at my home rink) and I’ve been wondering what other members’ beer league teams wear or what you wear to your pick up games?Our games are usually a fun mix of jerseys. When I play on the dark team I usually wear a St. Louis Blues starter jerseys or my LA Kings Gretzky jersey and when I’m in white I wear my blank New Jersey Devils replica. This year I broke down and bought matching socks for my Devils’ jersey and order a blank CCM Atlanta Thrashers cobalt blue jersey with matching socks. 0 Sports Logos Share on other sites Go To Topic Listing Beer League Hockey Share this post I know that this probably isn’t what you’re talking about, but here are my teams’ jerseys for this season (with matching socks) 926 posts Members Followers 0 Posted August 21, 2013 874 posts Location:Currently in Cincinnati Sign in to follow this   71 0 Share this post jerseys 111 393 Share this post Link to post SportsLogos.Net hockey 71 This topic is now closed to further replies. Beer League Hockeylast_img

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