Unreal Engine Dungeon Defenders seen running on PSP 2

first_imgEpic is never one to miss an opportunity to show off the Unreal Engine, and Sony’s unveiling of the PSP 2 was no exception yesterday.The performance on offer in the PSP 2 allows the Unreal Engine to shine. A quad-core processor coupled with a multi-core GPU is a perfect platform for the engine, and the video above proves that.We first see a detailed environment with weather effects and animating characters which we move through without issue on the device. Particle systems, anti-aliasing and post-processing are all in effect during the demo. Then we move on to Trendy Entertainment’s Dunegon Defenders which was apparently ported from PS3 in just one week.Any developers using the Unreal engine for their games on PS3 will be very happy to hear of the short porting time, but also that Trendy did not need to change any of their assets for the game to work on the PSP 2. While that won’t be the case for all games, it bodes well for many making a quick transition to the platform.As gamers we have to hope that doesn’t mean lots of ports of the same games we have already seen on PS3. Savvy developers will just cut development time by producing new gameplay with the assets they have, therefore ensuring the highest quality graphics but coupled with a brand new gaming experience in portable form.Read more at GameSpotlast_img read more