Updated: Drones close London’s Gatwick Airport a second time

first_imgGatwick Airport; Credit Wikipedia Flights through London’s busy Gatwick Airport have been suspended for a second time after briefly re-opening early Thursday morning.Authorities closed the airfield for five hours from 11:03 pm London time on December 19 to 3:01 am on December 20.The closure caused passengers to be delayed at Gatwick and flights diverted after two of the unmanned devices were spotted near a runway.Some passengers tweeted that they were stuck on planes at Gatwick while others said they were diverted to Heathrow and Manchester.Read: World’s Best Airlines for 2019Airport authorities said a further drone sighting after the airport re-opened had forced the runway to be closed again from 3:45am  and it was investigating the sighting with Sussex police.“We will update when we have suitable reassurance that its is appropriate to re-open the runway,” they said.The authorities advised anyone traveling on December 20 or collecting someone from the airport to check the status of their flight.“Unfortunately, this has led to a number of flights being diverted to other airports while aircraft have also been unable to depart from Gatwick,” the authorities said.“Our airlines are working to provide passengers with hotel accommodation or transport passengers landing at airports other than Gatwick by other means, and Gatwick staff are looking after passengers in our terminals.”Flightradar 24 said earlier that over two dozen flights inbound to Gatwick had been diverted at that stage with others continuing to divert or hold pending an all clear.gatwick averages 780 flight movements and 125,000 passengers per day but this would be a particularly busy time ahead of Christmas.Some of the public response:Ben Clewer‏ @BenClewer 1h1 hour ago More More Ben Clewer Retweeted Gatwick Airport LGWThis is an enormous risk to safety and the idiot flying the drone should face serious criminal repercussions. Further laws on #drone ownership must be debated #gatwickairportAnd another:NdotP‏ @NdotP1 44m44 minutes ago More Imagine being that much of a sad act, that you’d actually fly a drone over one of the countries busiest airports. I hope the old bill make an example of you, and you get what you deserve ya noncey fruitcake #gatwickairport #droneAnd….Danuta Merry Keanmass #FBPE‏ @Danoosha 1h1 hour ago To the idiot who thought flying a #drone over #gatwickairport would be a good idea, I hope they find you and charge you for every penny it has cost the airport and people flying and waiting to meet friends and family.Developing story.last_img read more

Cloning/Copying Systems to Reduce Build Times for a *NIX System

first_imgDo you want to have an exact copy or just need multiply systems with the same build and setup with slight configuration differences. The other aspect is to think about is how you want your system to look for each user as they login.Do you want them to have the same look and feel? What about the same support directory structures?Should all of the servers have the same functionality?The answers to these questions may lead you to use 3rd party block based duplicating software, or to document steps to manually build the base system with scripted post build setups, or even to use bare metal restore processes.In some aspect it really does not matter how you achieve your base build. The challenge is more around which is the easiest way to duplicate the build for the same type of functioning system. From what I have found, with builds that require large quantities of builds with 99% of the exact configurations it is best to use some sort of block copy that allows you to build large amounts of disks and just swap them out as the hardware goes bad. Of course this does not make the systems unique. This will still require a small script to configure the small amount of changes you need to make to allow the system on the network without conflicts. This method does have some shortcomings; as the base build changes the disks in overflow will be out date and will need to be redone. The biggest advantage to this method you don’t need to be technical for this type of process. This task can be done by basic technicians anywhere around the world to get the base system back on the network. Once it is on the network it can be reconfigured remotely.One of my more interesting methods for deployment around the world was to build a *NIX system that each supporting site would own. I am a big believer in as much hands as possible during the initial build process for anyone to understand how the system work and how to support the system. Without any hands on how would one learn the system functionality? This also promotes refreshing some skills that may be lost due to infrequent use. I created a process for each site to perform their own builds with docs and scripts. This process helps promote learning and consistency across all systems created. An install would follow the doc on base build. Each builder would run into similar build issues which were documented along with how to resolve them. After the base build was completed, each builder would need to modify scripts to complete the build. Each of the scripts would range from driver installs to setting up profiles of different users. This would allow each site to configure the system the way their site operated but keep them consistent between locations. The scripts would help each builder understand what is being installed and what commands are used to build the system. They would also help support the system if any issues would arise.With all the different products out there on the market and supplied by the OS vendor, there are many different ways to accomplish the same result.  As there are many methods out there, and not one is the answer to all needs, there are some main things to think about:  who is doing the builds, will they be supporting the systems, how many systems do you need to create and how often. Most importantly, document your process well to assist your supporting groups. Over the years I have used many different methods in trying to duplicate system builds, as well as cut down on build times especially in a catastrophic failure that requires a complete rebuild. Some of the main issues that arose around duplicating systems all depends on what the end results needs to be.last_img read more

ABVP alleged disrespect to national anthem by Kashmir students

first_imgJammu, April 8 (PTI) Activists of the BJPs student wing ABVP stormed Jammu University and disrupted a football match between students of the varsity and Islamic University of Science and Technology, alleging that students from Kashmir had disrespected the national anthem.Jammu University authorities have ordered a probe and set up a committee to look into the allegations levelled by the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) over disrespect of the national anthem by students of Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agriculture, Science and Technology (SKUAST) of Kashmir.”We cannot allow anybody to disrespect the national anthem. A committee has been set up to probe the allegation”, Vice Chancellor of Jammu University, Prof R D Sharma told PTI.ABVP activists alleged the students from SKUAST of Kashmir disrespected the national anthem before the start of a football match at Jammu Universitys ground.”We have cited a photograph which is being circulated on social media, purportedly showing two students from Kashmir talking to each other during the national anthem at the inaugural function on April 3 allegedly disrespected the national anthem”, a ABVP student said.ABVP activists allegedly entered the Jammu Universitys sports ground on Friday during the football final between students of Jammu University and the Islamic University of Science and Technology and raised slogans. They also held a sit-in protest.Prof Sharma said ABVP activists allegedly entered the ground and disrupted the competition.”We had to cancel some of the competitions, because we have three venues on the campus and it is difficult to organise and control such a situation created by these elements.advertisement”We got the information (about some allegations related to disrespect of national anthem) in the evening on the inaugural day of the first inter-university sports championship of 12 universities of Jammu and Kashmir held here. 700 students took part in it”, the Vice-Chancellor said.However, the Vice Chancellor said he has not found any truth in the allegations so far.”There was no such kind of experience we had from any quarter. We were told that some of the students from SKUAST were not serious. We examined it and could not find any truth in it”, he said, adding that the next day some of the pictures went viral on social media involving the sportspersons from Kashmir.”Jammu University constituted the committee to probe it. It is being looked into.If there is any proof those people (ABVP) should come forward with proof to the committee. We promise action as we will not tolerate disrespect to national anthem”, Prof Sharma said.The students organisation along with some people from outside the campus aggravated the situation and disrupted the match, he said, adding that police was informed in advance.Police was given the names and some of them have been identified, he said, adding that, “if someone has done any wrong it will be taken care of within the university norms as we cannot allow anybody to disrespect the national anthem”.PTI sAB DVlast_img read more

3 Steps for a Better Nonprofit Website

first_imgCONNECTThere has to be a common ground between those serving/giving and those in need. Let’s assume, for example, the cost of one latte a week is the same as the mosquito netting that will save a family from the threat of malaria in Africa. The value has now been put into terms that every iPhone-toting college kid in the US can understand.Organizations like Mocha Club and OneDaysWages have become very successful using parallel connectivity. Once your donor understands the value, they can better justify a giving program. Give them every opportunity to donate and/or get involved. Your donate button should be a mainstay in your header or somewhere consistent on every page. The same goes for newsletter or street team signups. Don’t let a donation or volunteer slip by because your readers can’t find out how to take action online. Get to the point. Don’t overwhelm your readers with too much information. You don’t want to be the over-eager sample food peddler at your local mall food court, shouting and shoving your product in people’s faces, overwhelming and offending them. Pare down your homepage content and give them a concise, yet clear and accurate taste of what you’re about. If you whet their appetite, they’ll dig deeper for more information. Same goes for your navigation. Cut it down to 5-7 main links (no drop-downs!) that make the user want to find out more: What We’re Doing, Get Involved, etc. BELIEVELike it or not, the new change-driven generation (25-35) and the one following (19-24) have been trained to make a lot of assumptions based on the overall look of a product or service. This goes for causes, too. Look at Blood:Water Mission, charity:water, and TOMS. All three have in common an incredible design aesthetic and are remarkably successful in penetrating their target markets. They’re taken seriously because they look serious and they look good.  An emphasis on the visual aesthetic of your website builds legitimacy for your organization.Even in a struggling economy companies like Target and Apple continue to put an emphasis on their visual brand. There’s no compromise when it comes to quality either. It should be no different for nonprofit organizations. Your website is the single largest opportunity to reach as many people as possible for your organization. Where else can you directly pitch to 73% of adults in the U.S.¹?With an audience that big, you’d better make the best of it.So what makes an effective website? What truly determines a nonprofit website’s ability to educate its market, garner donations and inspire involvement? The answer is good branding. Effective branding will enable your market to do three things: So how can you connect with your target market as successfully as TOMS and Target? Here are some small, simple steps that will allow you to connect with your viewers and help your organization’s website stand out from the digital crowd: Source: ¹ Pew Internet & American Life Project, April 8-May 11, 2008 Tracking Survey ATTAINThe goal of your organization must feel reachable. In order to get people passionate about a cause, they have to feel as though their contribution (whether that be service-oriented or financial) can make an impact. A mission statement is a macro view of your desire to impact the world. But be sure to offer your readers a micro view of what you hope/need to accomplish to reach your mission. Organize with a purpose. Your site architecture should take the readers on a path. Information should be organized intentionally so that a potential supporter can effortlessly be educated and pointed to a call to action. Direct their reading and viewing path. Point your readers to the information you want them to know. If you have a page that describes your service trips to Africa, be sure to add an additional link to a schedule of future trips so readers can sign up to volunteer.last_img read more

Anthem Security Breach: Information for Freelancers Union members

first_imgUPDATED: 2:12 PM, 2/6/15We learned this morning that Anthem, the parent company of Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, was the target of what they are calling a “sophisticated cyberattack.”We’ll update these FAQs below as more information becomes available:What is Freelancers Union doing?We are closely monitoring the situation and we’re in direct and regular contact with Anthem. At this time, it is not clear if any of our members have been affected.What happened in the attack?According to Anthem, the attackers may have gained unauthorized access to names, birthdays, medical IDs/social security numbers, street addresses, email addresses and employment information, including income data. Anthem has no evidence that credit card or medical information have been compromised. If you were affected, Anthem will provide you with free credit monitoring and identity protection services. Anthem said it’s going to take about 10 to 14 days to figure out who was affected by a data breach and begin notifying you.Was my information accessed?Anthem is still working to determine the full extent of the attack. They believe it included all members of Anthem, of which Empire BlueCross BlueShield is a subsidiary. We will keep you updated as soon as we learn whether or not your data was accessed.Affected members may include those currently enrolled in Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance through Freelancers Union or those who previously had Freelancers Insurance Company coverage. We will let you know as soon as we have more details on the impact (if any) on our members.What was compromised?Anthem’s initial investigation indicates that the attack included names, dates of birth, member IDs, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and employment information.Where can I find answers?This post will be constantly updated with new information as we learn it.For additional information about the attack, you can also:Go to www.anthemfacts.com for more information about the breachRead Anthem’s FAQsOr call the Anthem hotline at 1-877-263-7995UPDATE:** **(from Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield press release) “New York residents who may have been impacted by the cyber attack against Anthem, should be aware of scam email campaigns targeting current and former Empire BlueCross BlueShield and Empire BlueCross members. These scams, designed to capture personal information (known as “phishing”) are designed to appear as if they are from Anthem, (Empire’s parent company), and the emails include a “click here” link for credit monitoring. These emails are NOT from Anthem or Empire.DO NOT click on any links in email.DO NOT reply to the email or reach out to the senders in any way.DO NOT supply any information on the website that may openDO NOT open any attachments that arrive with email.Empire also is NOT calling members regarding the cyber attack and is not asking for credit card information or social security numbers over the phone.This outreach is from scam artists who are trying to trick consumers into sharing personal data. There is no indication that the scam email campaigns are being conducted by those that committed the cyber attack, or that the information accessed in the attack is being used by the Empire will contact current and former members via mail delivered by the U.S. Postal Service about the cyber attack with specific information on how to enroll in credit monitoring.For more guidance on recognizing scam email, please visit the FTC Website: http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0003-phishing. Additional information about the cyber attack against Anthem is available at www.AnthemFacts.com.last_img read more

Expression of Interest – National Youth Championships/Alliance Cup Tent Manager

first_imgTouch Football Australia (TFA) is currently seeking expression of interests for the position of Alliance Tent Manager at the 2017 National Youth Championships, 13-16 September, and Alliance Cup, 14-16 September, on the Sunshine Coast QLD.The combined events will have over 20 Alliance State teams participating with approximately 400 athletes and support staff. The Alliance Tent Manager will have the support of TFA staff, Tour Leaders and Team Managers to coordinate recovery needs of the athletes and support staff, including lunch, snacks and ice baths.The Alliance Tent Manager will need to be available from 12-17 September.This is a volunteer position, with all costs associated with travel, accommodation, car hire, uniforms and meals to be taken care of by Touch Football Australia as part of this appointment.Alliance Team Tent Manager Position DescriptionManage the Alliance Tent for the 2017 National Youth Championship and Alliance Cup events including the following job responsibilities:» Manage the planning and delivery of the Alliance Tent ensuring levels of food and recovery materials are maintained throughout the event.» Create a positive environment for all athletes and support staff.» Manage TFA staff and volunteer team managers from each location and develop a roster to assist in food preparation and team recovery needs.» Provide TFA with written report after the conclusion of the event.Expression of interest close on 18 August 2017 and can be completed by clicking on this link and answering the following questions:» Name» Contact details» Working with Children Check» Previous Managing Experience (if applicable)For any further enquiries, please contact Jolanta Moore- Community Engagement Coordinator at [email protected]last_img read more

City should follow the Chelsea and United example says Danny Mills

first_imgNow that Manchester City won the Premier League title way before the final, Danny Mills says they should follow the example set by Chelsea and Manchester United after each of them won the title as well.After City decisively won as a result of 3-1 over Tottenham and United lost to West Brom, Pep Guardiola’s and his players’ efforts were awarded the title for the first time since back in 2013/14 season. This is the third time they’ve won in the last seven years.However, ahead they have a challenge they have not been able to overcome yet – defending the title. However, Danny Mills thinks he knows what they should do in order to retain the cup.norwich city, manchester city, premier leagueReport: City are stunned by Norwich George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Manchester City was stunned by Norwich City in todays Premier League clash.Much has been made in recent days of the potential impact of Aymeric…“Recruitment is vital,” Mills said, according to football.london.“When you look back at Chelsea, Manchester United, under Sir Alex (Ferguson) especially, when they’ve won the title they’ve probably recruited two, three or four top-quality players to improve your first team, to add to that.”“Everybody else will, you’ve got to improve just to stand still. So I expect two or three big signings to come in. People have seen what Liverpool have done (against Manchester City). Everybody wants to beat the champions.”“They have the squad to do it, they have the finances as well. But as we’ve seen, it’s not easy in the slightest,” Mills added.last_img read more

Alves linked with shock Sevilla return

first_imgDani Alves could be in line for a shock return to Sevilla this summer after 10 years away, reports SportVarious media outlets in Spain have announced that the Brazilian is available in the upcoming transfer window with Paris Saint-Germain having reportedly offered him to Sevilla, whom he originally left in 2008 to join Barcelona, because he does not fit into the Parisian club’s plans.New PSG manager Thomas Tuchel is understood to have told the board that he does not view Alves as part of his plans at the French capital.Joaquin Caparros, who now works as the Director of Football at Sevilla after being replaced by Pablo Machin as head coach, has since revealed that he is currently unaware of these reports.Gerard Pique, Neymar, BarcelonaLa Liga Betting: Match-day 4 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Despite it being very early into La Liga season, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had unprecedented starts to their campaigns. With this in…But the 62-year-old did state he would welcome Alves back to the Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan.“I do not know anything about Dani Alves, but we are always open to signing right-back and when we improve, although right now the priority is elsewhere,” he told Mundo Deportivo.last_img read more

Gio Simeone cant wait for his dad to coach Argentina

first_imgDiego Simeone’s older son who is having a great debut in European football, stated publicly that he knows his father will manage Argentina sooner or later.A couple weeks ago there was an interview in the Spanish radio where Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone, spoke about his son Giovanni and the narrow chances he has of bringing him to Atletico Madrid and the possibility of coaching Argentina in the future. The youngster hadn’t spoken in public after that interview and he did it this Thursday in Fox Sports Argentina, he revealed that his father’s words were hard to digest but he agrees with him. As Diego Simeone’s son, Giovanni always had a hard time to make people respect him because they always believed that he was a product of nepotism. Ever since he made his debut in River Plate at a very early age, young Giovanni never had it easy to rise through the ranks and he is one of the few examples of a football family where the descendants improve the bloodline. Today as a Fiorentina striker, Gio has many of the same trades his father had during his career but he uses them as a striker. The oldest of the Simeone children is a fighter like his dad, but he was also born with the gift of scoring many goals that have brought him to Europe on his own merits and has also given him the honor of making his debut for Argentina with a goal. ¿PRESIÓN PARA PAPÁ?#90MinutosFOX – Esto dijo Giovanni sobre las chances de que el Cholo Simeone llegue alguna vez a la Selección Argentina. pic.twitter.com/pGfMszR7T4— FOX Sports Argentina (@FOXSportsArg) September 27, 2018The lad also spoke about the dream of representing the National Team where his father once played as a young professional, but he set his sights on the striker position and he keeps working hard to accomplish that in the future. One of the most expected questions that the Fox Sports panel had for young Giovanni, was if he wanted his father to take control of the Argentina National Team during this term before the next World Cup. The player obviously said yes, but he understands why he chose to not do it now because of everything he is currently going through with Atletico Madrid. However, the Fiorentina striker keeps his hopes high and truly believes that his father will coach Argentina in the future. For Gio, Diego Simeone becoming the Argentina National Team manager is only a matter of time and he reflected the wish that everybody in the country has to let him have a go at coaching the squad in the near future. But this is not the time for ‘Cholo’ to manage Argentina yet, there are many things that AFA need to fix in order to convince the Atletico Madrid manager to take the team sometime in the future.”VENIR A EUROPA ME HIZO MADURAR MUCHO”#90MinutosFOX Giovanni Simeone, en exclusiva pic.twitter.com/CMj9yV427YCristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….— FOX Sports Argentina (@FOXSportsArg) September 27, 2018“Of course I would’ve like my father to be the Argentina manager, I tell you this both as a player and as an Argentinean. Of course I wish he takes control of the national team someday, most of all because he is a manager who has a lot of heart as we all know, he always finds the best way to motivate his players and he always convinces every player to make their greatest effort to fight. Exactly like you see him do in Atletico Madrid. I tell you this as an Argentinean but also as his son, I know that my father coaching the National Team is only a matter of time. I wish I can get to be Argentina’s number ‘9’ in the Qatar World Cup. I know it’s not easy but I will do my best to achieve it. The support I get from the city of Florence is immense. I have to keep doing things the way I’m doing them right now, I keep a mindset that tells me I have to score a goal tomorrow and also on the next match. I felt very moved when I made my debut for Argentina, but I realized what just happened after the match. In order to triumph in life, one must first fail repeatedly and I will keep doing that every day for the rest of my life,” said Giovanni during the interview with Fox Sports Argentina.”Sé que mi papá va a dirigir la Selección Argentina”: Giovanni Simeone dejó la puerta abierta para que su padre asuma la Selección Argentina en el futuro. https://t.co/mEWzbn8DQu pic.twitter.com/nvQbab8yHA— Futbol Argentino (@Argentina_futbo) September 27, 2018How long do you think it will take Diego Simeone to make the decision to manage Argentina? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more