Welcoming declared ceasefire in Middle East Annan urges joint efforts for peace

“I think we should all do whatever we can to end the tragedy in Palestine, and I think the developments in the region over the weekend were very positive,” Mr. Annan told reporters as he entered UN Headquarters in New York this morning.”The Israelis have declared a ceasefire. President [Yasser] Arafat [of the Palestinian Authority] has also declared a ceasefire, and we have to make sure they stick, and that we move aggressively into the implementation of the Mitchell Plan,” the Secretary-General said, referring to the recommendations put forward by a committee on fact-finding headed by former United States Senator George Mitchell.The Secretary-General emphasized the importance of cohesive efforts in tackling the problem. “We need the support of all leaders,” he stressed. “We all have to work together to bring peace to the region.””As long as the fighting and the conflict in Palestine continue, we cannot pretend that the region as a whole is at peace,” he said. “So it’s everyone’s business.” read more